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know how This Site Voted One of Best Travel Sites about London!

Very pleased: april’s london invtitation has been voted by Travel Onion as one of the best travel sites about London. It’s high praise, indeed, coming from the people at Travel Onion. Read on and be sure to check out their site where they collect the best travel blogs/sites for whatever city you may want to visit next.

There, collected @ www.travelonion.com are links and the best travel information culled from the internet and presented for your viewing. It couldn’t be easier: they’ve separated the wheat from the chaff for you, and done so with an eye to giving you the inside track on many cities, with more added weekly. Let them help guide you as you plan your trip to the destination of your choice.


Long Time Travel Industry Executive Announces the Launch of Travel Onion – An Aggregation Website of the World’s Best Travel Blogs.    Alexandria, Va. March 18, 2010 

“Great travel content exists on the web, it’s just hard to find,” says Cal Simmons, the founder of www.travelonion.com.

 Simmons, a long time travel industry executive has had multiple successes creating unique travel related web sites.  In 2005, he co-founded, www.fivestaralliance.comwhich went on to become one of the leading online travel agencies specializing in luxury hotel bookings.  Now, he believes social media and blogging is the next great wave for consumers planning trips.  Amanda Gavlick, the New York City Editor, agrees, “I’m a New Yorker, which means I walk by the Empire State Building, not go up it. When I travel, I want to experience a city the way someone who lives there would.  Travel Onion puts me in touch with those local experts.” 

Travel Onion is an aggregation of the world’s best travel blogs and newsletters – indexed by destination and interest.  So for example, someone planning a trip to London might go to Travel Onion to find the latest restaurant reviews, tips on booking the best theater seats or just to find the most talked about nightspot at the moment.  Simmons and his editorial team have scoured the globe to find what they consider to be the absolutely best travel related blogs and newsletters.  And they have indexed them in a simple to navigate and attractively illustrated web site. 

Everyone knows that there are thousands of bloggers recording their travels and offering recommendations.  The problem at hand – how do you sort through the clutter and come up with the best?  Simmons had a head start based on his 30 years of experience in the travel industry. .  “That’s why we have created our collection as a mix of professional writers and amateurs who might have a bit of an “edge” to their writing,” says Dana Rosenzweig, the site’s Managing Editor. 

 The site is launching with a handful of the world’s greatest cities, but intends to build out the top 50 in short order.  For each major destination, Travel Onion is recruiting a city editor – someone who already has been blogging and is familiar with the local scene.  “We want informed and curious individuals, who are already engaged in a dialogue with the locals,” says Rosenzweig. “It’s been tough to find them, but we have built up a team of incredibly interesting writers from around the globe.”  

“The point here,” explains Travel Onion founder Cal Simmons, “is that it is very difficult to find the ‘best blogs’ covering a variety of topics.  Our staff provides the ‘editorial hand’ that curates the page, making recommendations and constantly updating our own reviews of the best sites.  Our ambition is to build a worldwide network of the best independent travel writers and to be a channel that can provide those writers with a much bigger audience.  We recognize those sites by selecting them to be part of our collection of The Worlds Best Travel Blogs – and provide them with a medallion they can proudly display on their own sites to signify the recognition they have received as being one of the best travel blogs.

 Travel Onion has just launched with its first dozen cities in development but will be adding to the list constantly.   For more information or to suggest a blog for inclusion, contact Cal Simmons or Dana Rosenzweig at 703 837-0870 or email editor@travelonion.com.

Come along with me….AND TRAVEL ONION….London calling….

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