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know how Give Me a Ring~Renting a Cell Phone in London

Solution: I love travel solutions and here is a good one: why not easily rent a cell phone in London to aide in making phone calls for dinner reservations, to connect with business associates or to order a taxi? As London is so vast and sprawling, having a phone if you are running late for a reservation or are lost is an excellent idea.

There is also the option of renting just a sim card for your US cell phone that will allow it to work in the UK.

It’s easy: BHRC (British Hotel Reservation Center) has locations in Terminal 3 (most US flights, other than British Airways flights arrive here, Terminal 5 (British Airways) as well as North and South Terminals at Gatwick airport. PLUS they have locations at these train stations in Central London: Victoria, Paddington and St. Pancras.

A large majority of US flights go Heathrow Terminal 3 and finding the BHRC kiosk for phone rentals there could not be simpler. As you leave the immigration area where your passport is checked, you walk out into the Arrivals Hall. Walk about 10 feet out into the hall and turn and look over your right shoulder. The BHRC kiosk is there.

Generally speaking, you can, using a major credit card, rent a cell phone for your stay for a 100 pound returnable deposit on your credit card. Then you can buy usage time for as little as 20 pounds and for any additional amounts in 20 pound increments.

The system is simple: Leave the deposit, buy some minutes, return the phone at the same place at the ARRIVALS hall and collect your deposit before you proceed to the departure hall when you are leaving London.

To contact BRHC in advance of your trip: http://www.bhrconline.com/

Come along with me….London calling…..

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