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know how EASIEST & BEST Way to Choose Your London Hotel

Every London-bound American staying in a London hotel needs to know about this wondrous travel tool on the internet-STAT!

(It’s a bit personally heart-breaking as I had an idea for an “invention” some-what like this about four years ago and never followed it through. REALLY.) But, I am just so impressed with what they have done with this hotel map over at:

London Town have done an absolutely brilliant job of  showing where available hotels are located in relation to landmarks that London travelers will recognize by name (Trafalgar Square, Hyde Park, etc.) and when you click on the map, further details and a small picture of the hotel pop up on the right of your screen.

HOW TO: Go to London Town’s site, put London Hotel Map in the search bar at top right, fill in the box with your info about dates, nights you are staying, etc.. Then, click on Show Hotel Map. The hotel icons dotted around the map show the price for the hotel per night according to the dates you enter. If there is no availability for your dates, it says “Fully Booked” next to the hotel’s icon.

Amazing, simple, visual guide.  Now, why didn’t I think of that?

Come along with me….London calling….

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