An American’s Guide to London

My guide to London is unabashedly subjective, I admit, but very much intending to help other Americans in planning their trip to London for the first time, or for the fourth or tenth time. My desire is to demystify the vast, vibrant, sprawling metropolis that is London; to make it possible to navigate with ease. Also, to help you find the quirky, out-of- the- way places that make the London travel experience your London experience, not just a reflection of a guide book itinerary.

London is achievable in cost, very “walkable” and knowable, even for the novice traveler.

We Americans may not be known as the most adventurous travelers, but 2.5 million of us do visit London each year. Perhaps my London travel guide can assist with the know-how of London etiquette: how to operate there, whom to ask for directions, understanding how to order in pubs, when to tip, how to buy and use travel cards, etc..

While London retains the whiff of eccentricity that seems to reflect the English character and their approach to life, it is the most multi-cultural city in the world. That multi-cultural melding and its influences are so very apparent to the eye and soul. The clash and blend of influences delights most London travelers. All the while, London completely embodies what every great city does: the juxtaposition of modern v. ancient architecture, the tantalizing restaurants (Gourmet magazine named London the food capital of the world in recent years), plus a world of fine art, from the traditional museums to the ultra-contemporary art scene in the galleries of the East End.

There is English football to enjoy; tennis, cricket, punting on Regent’s Canal…all in one city. Open top bus tours and the absolute best walking tours in the world will help in demystifying this wondrous city even more. It can be a playground for children, a beckoning destination for lovers or a stop on your list of “fabulous cultural cities I must see”.

Come along with me, London calling……

About me:

London calling…it has to me, repeatedly, for 20 years. My love of London (and all things English) began with the Beatles and the “British Invasion”, has been enhanced by countless trips and stays, embroidered by British comedies on public television, fed by daily reading of British press on-line. My trips there are anywhere from long week-ends to visits spanning several months to be with dear friends, to visit the usual, the unusual, the old and the very new; to see the street performance art along the Thames or in Convent Garden, to eat breakfast in a café that the Londoners I know don’t even know about.

While my view of London has never been one of a tourist wanting to see the Changing of the Guard at the Palace, it has been of someone who wants to feel the vibe and sense the beat of a city that is the most multi-cultural in the world. Its flourishing art scene, its pub culture, its tradition, as well as its counter-balancing anti-tradition is something that, to me, exemplifies what is so fascinating about the loveliest English city and about the English character itself.

Let me help you plan your trip to London. Come along with me….London calling…